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Smile Design

Smile Design

Smile design ; It is an aesthetic treatment that is applied specifically to the person in order to give the teeth and gums that have deteriorated aesthetically due to various reasons, a natural and beautiful appearance as much as possible, taking into account the face shape and needs of the patients. While determining these procedures, the patient; factors such as gender, age and expectations are taken into account .

First of all, existing decayed teeth and gum diseases are treated. Afterwards, procedures are determined according to the needs of the patient. These procedures are generally; Gingival level adjustments  which is called pink aesthetics, teeth whitening (bleaching) methods, completion of tooth deficiencies with implant and prosthesis applications, porcelain laminates, zirconium coatings and orthodontic treatments (wire treatment).

Visual and formal defects in the teeth are sometimes corrected with aesthetic composite fillings. In cases where this method is not sufficient, porcelain laminate and zirconium coatings can be made. For porcelain laminate applications, either no abrasion or minimal abrasion is performed on the teeth. An aesthetic and healthy smile can be designed by considering the lip shape and smile line during all these gingival and dental applications and rehearsals.

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