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    Plan Your Stay

    We will send you a treatment plan and price list based on your request. Upon your satisfaction, we plan your trip and accommodations.

    Begin Your Treatment

    At the first appointment, we will create a smile plan based on the images and x-rays and begin your treatment right away.

    Discover Istanbul

    After your treatment is done, all you have to do is have fun in Istanbul, the most beautiful city in the world.

    Happy Return

    You will leave satisfied and happy after receiving treatment and discovering all Istanbul has to offer.

    One of the leading countries of medical tourism, Turkey has clinics in this department that offer the most advanced and most comfortable services. While Turkey offers touristic activity opportunities, where treatments can be combined with vacation, it also hosts the leading and successful surgical expert teams and a convenient location providing access to everything needed. Treatments in Turkey have special offers, considering flights and accommodation with appropriate prices.

    In the field of dentistry, Turkey is known for providing high-quality, affordable dental care. Turkey has developed greatly in this field over the past 20 years, producing many top-notch oral surgeons and dentists with many years of experience.

    Turkey’s health tourism attracts 100,000 foreigners annually and its geographical location is considered one of the most important reasons why patients prefer Turkey in the first place. Along with its success in the field, Turkey also has many different attractions that make it preferable for foreigners.

    We offer you a unique treatment experience where you can also explore Istanbul! As DIS&DIS, we prioritize your happiness and satisfaction, so we handle every detail from transportation to accommodation. The only thing left for you is to enjoy Istanbul while getting treated.

    As DIS&DIS, we prepare your planning on your behalf to make you feel comfortable


    After you call us to learn about the details regarding your medical problems, we begin to prepare for your stay and treatment, which includes your transfer, hospital, and hotel.

    VIP Service

    When you arrive at the airport, our hygienic VIP car of your choice will be waiting for you to transfer process. You will be taken to your hotel just in time. When you leave our clinic and end your treatment, you will be taken back to the airport on time with the same VIP service again.

    Contracted Hospitals

    With their modern designs and calming architectures, our contracted hospitals and clinics, where your comfort is always prioritized, will be providing full-fledged services for your relaxation.

    Hotels & Accommodation

    Just like the contracted hospitals, our contracted hotels are full of thoughtful services to get you relaxed and maintain their excellent patient comfort, from transportation and food to language and self-care.

    Medical Support

    Before, during, and after your treatment, we will never leave you alone and we will always help and assist you throughout your treatment journey. Whether you are in Turkey or not, we will keep in touch and do regular check-ups about your recovery, both face-to-face and online.

    Let Us Contact You!

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