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Teeth Grinding Treatment with Botox

Botoks in Dentistry

The treatment with Botox has been used in dentistry for both aesthetic and treatment purposes in the past recent years . The Botox is used to balance the strength of the facial muscles that work more. The Botox is used safely in the treatment of tooth clenching , grinding ( bruxism ), and in the gummy smiles .

Tooth clenching-grinding ( bruxism ) treatment with Botox
Bruxism is the most most comon disease seen in the society . Stress-related clenching and grinding habits can be seen in all age groups . The causes of this disease are generally stress , depression, anxiety, a restless life and the structural disorders of the teeth .

As a result of the habit of clenching and grinding ( bruxism ) the teeth , the most important member of the chewing muscle group , the masseter muscle develops excessively . The facial structure loses its ovalness and takes on a cornered appearance . Problems as gingival recession, bone destruction, tooth abrasion, fracture, and problems in the jaw joints may occur due to clenching of the teeth. The aches may icrease in the head and the neck area .

Using Botox in the treatment of the bruxism, it is possible to restore a normal masticatory force with the application of Botox to the overstrengthened masseter muscle. In this way it is ensured that the teeth are less clenched and less damaged .

Botox applied to this chewing muscle (masseter) relaxes the muscle , reducing its volume and restores the strength of the muscle to a normal level . This helps to reduce the severity of the clenching habit and causes it to disappear over time and to turn the face from a cornered appearance to an oval appearance thanks to the lessining in the volume of the chewing muscle (masseter) . The muscle teinsions and the pain in the head , the neck, the nape and the back region caused by tooth clenching are eliminated .

Gummy Smile Treatment with Botox
While working on smile aesthetics in dentistry , the most challenging issue for the dentist is the case of standing out gums when laughing or talking , which we call Gummy Smile. Even though the gums are shortened with a gingivectomy surgery applied to the gums, this method may not be often sufficient . Especially when laughing , the gums stand out due to the fact that the muscles of that area are very active . Botox can be used to prevent that situation .