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Aesthetic Dentistry


They Are Quite Thin Leaves Of Glass , Ceramic Or Composite Material , Which Are Applied To The Front Surface Of The Teeth With Less Or No Abrasion . Colored Teeth , Lightly Cross-Shaped Teeth , Spaces Between Teeth Can Become More Aesthetic With Lamins . The Pocelain Lamina’s Color Will Not Change . They Serve Patients For Long Years Thanks To Regular Control And Oral Care . It Is A Practical Method To Use Composite Laminas With Their Common Name Bonding Aesthetic Composite Materials , Since They Can Be Mostly Applied In A Single Session . However , When They Are Compared With The Pocelain Lamines , There Is More Risk Of Breaking And Coloring . They Can Stay In The Mouth For Years Depending On Regular Control And Good Hygiene .

Aesthetic Crowns and Bridges

Crown capping is preferred to get aesthetic results in teeth which have excessive material loss and which have a canal treatment and consequently were embrittled and colored . If there is one or a few lacking tooth/teeth , the adjacent tooth/teeth is/are being minified and bridge-shaped fixed prothesises can also be made . Crowns can be made of metal-supported , zirconium or glass ceramic . The metal-supported crowns and bridges are not preferred in the front area where esthetic expectation is high , because there is no light transmittance , but if applied in the right place , they are durable and long lasting . The zirconium crowns and bridges can be used as an alternative to the metal-supported ones in order to provide aesthetics and durability together .

And the full ceramic crowns give an aesthetic result , nearest to the natural due to their superior light transmittance . The most successful results are achieved with this material , but it is not possible yet to make bridges with this material in the chewing areas with today’s technology .

Zirconium Dental Veneers

Zirconium, as a white metal alloy, is used in dentistry due to its high aesthetic properties. In cases where aesthetics is important, zirconium supported porcelains are used.

Zirconium-supported porcelains, which are mostly used for aesthetic purposes, can be used to regulate smile aesthetics in cases of advanced discoloration that cannot be achieved with processes such as whitening, in cases where orthodontic treatment is not preferred, in restorations of old fillings with discolored and structured, excessive substance loss.

Since the light transmittance of zirconium crowns is close to healthy tooth enamel; A more natural and aesthetic appearance is achieved compared to opaque metal-supported porcelains.

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